Rekindling Your Relationship

Close up of a couple arguing

Relationship advice can come as a real breath of fresh air to many couples. It’s quite easy to get stuck into behavioural routines that are damaging your marriage or relationship, and sometimes even the simplest of advice can make you see things from a different perspective.

Stay true to each other
Remember why you are together. If your relationship has lasted a long time, there must be a reason that kept you together. What made you get together in the first place? Figure out what it was and try to recreate it. Typically we can get so caught up in habits and a set way of doing things that we lose sight of our actual reasons for our actions. If you can stay true to these reasons you can stay true to each other.

Communication is key
Talk to each other. Communication is vital to the success of any marriage or relationship. Unfortunately, small talk doesn’t count. Asking your partner to feed the dog or do the washing up doesn’t count either. Sit down with your partner and ask them about their day. Take an interest in their life and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your partner is suddenly more interested in you.

Make time for each other
It’s important that you spend quality time together. An hour per night stuck in front of your favourite soap won’t get you anywhere. Find some real, quality time. Think of some activity or pastime that you are both interested in and start it together. If you can’t find anything, you should still attempt to spend some good time together away from the routine of the home, even it is as simple as going together for a walk.

Open up
Don’t bottle things up. You’ve heard it before but it’s true: a problem shared is a problem halved. There’s no gain in hiding things. In fact, your woes are more likely to accumulate as time goes by, especially if it’s something that concerns both of you. Opening up to your partner can be a great way of developing a bond of trust between you.

Show respect
Have respect for her. It’s hard to show affection to someone whom you have no respect for. You can show that you respect them by listening to her when she speaks, and avoiding giving criticism. You might mean well, but criticism can often get under someone’s skin and cause them to resent and distrust you.

Hopefully this article has pointed you in the right direction in getting your relationship back on track. Check out the rest of our site for more relationship advice.